Our Team

Andriana Parisi

Andriana Parisi is a Game Designer, Screenwriter, and Producer.

She is the Managing Director of ASPIS GAMES. She is responsible for developing new Games, TV Shows, and Films, as well as the Licensing, Marketing, and the Management of the Company.

She is a licensed CPA in Greece with 20 years of experience in Accounting, Economics, and Business Consultation.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film-Screenwriting.

Anastasios Zolas

Anastasios Zolas is the Marketing and Art Director.

He is the Communications Coordinator, Social Media and Public Relations specialist.

He is responsible for the production, shipping, insuring, storage, and safety requirements.

He has a long background as a Graphic Designer and Photographer in Greece, with 20 years of specialization in Advertising.

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