Hills & Halls

Welcome to California 1849, the land of opportunity!

Gold seekers arrive from all over the world for the Greatest American experience,

“The California Gold Rush” where success is determined by hard work, strategy and luck!

Born To Thrive!








Simple Math

The Greatest Gold Rush Adventure Game!

“Yes I’m talking to you now… with this song to show you how… to survive among gold miners… and win the game of Thrivers!”

  • Luck 68% 68%
  • Simple Math 55% 55%
  • Strategy 33% 33%
  • Partnership 50% 50%
  • Probabilities 86% 86%

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Fun for Family & Friends with Hills & Halls

Hills & Halls is a fun, exciting and educational family board game. Can be played by 2, 3, 4 players or two couples, aged 8 and above. By playing this game you will have fun, simple practice your math knowledge and apply your strategic skill. Choose a character, roll the dice and make smart choices to capture as many adjacent Region Squares as you can to create the Biggest Continuous Property. Search for  sums of 5, 10, & 15 which are hidden in your territory, and collect the equal value in gold from the bank! Count your gold and become the Greatest Prospector to Strike it Rich!