Welcome to New York City, the city that never sleeps!

In this Time & Money Management game, you race around New York City by bicycles, motorcycles, cars, taxis, buses & trains to quickly complete your Tasks & Collect your Money.

Deals on Wheels Box
Deals on Wheels Board

Born To Thrive!






Forward Planning


Time Management

“ASPIS GAMES pay loyalty… to prepare you for your royalty… cause in God’s eyes you’re so special… and you deserve to have it all.”

  • Dice-less 100% 100%
  • Economic 68% 68%
  • Forward Planning 55% 55%
  • Resource Management 33% 33%
  • Time Management 86% 86%

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Fun for Family & Friends

Deals On Wheels  is a Time & Money-Management game, in which players race around New York City by Bicycles, Motorcycles, Cars, Taxis, Buses and Trains to quickly complete their Tasks and collect their Money. The Deals on Wheels  board depicts New York City, represented by three distinct Transportation Zones.  On the board, there are 42 Tasks that must be completed by each of the players in seven Rounds.  After you receive your daily Task Cards, look at them and find their associated Tasks on the board. Organize your Task Cards in the most efficient manner to achieve the fastest and least expensive way to complete your daily Tasks.  Remember, each minute and every dollar counts! The goal of the game is to be the player with the most money at the end of seven days. Have fun!