Princess Atlantis & The Flying Flowers

Once upon a time in Paradise Island lives King Kamea with his beautiful little daughter Atlantis.

One day, the little Princess has an accident and the huge Wise Tree saves her with the magic of its flowers.

As Atlantis grows up she acquires all this energy from the Wise Tree. Day-by-day, she becomes more and more kind and beautiful.

Inside a huge volcano on Paradise Island, lives Nedra, a wretched witch, who uses her power for evil.

On Princess Atlantis’s 21st birthday, Nedra uses her magic to capture Atlantis and transform her into stone so that she can take her place in the kingdom.

As soon as Atlantis’s friend Tiki informs Prince William of the truth, he tries to save his lovely Princess Atlantis.

His task is to find the unique colorful four-leafed clover symbolizing LOVE–LUCK–HOPE–FAITH within the next three days to save Princess Atlantis and the whole Paradise Island!

Will he make it?

Born To Thrive!









Flying Flowers

Hey, look around and tell me what you see… spinning flowers over the sea… dip your self in serendipity… and enjoy the game of life.

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