Princess Atlantis & The Flying Flowers

A year later, Princess Atlantis and Prince William live happily on Paradise Island.

One day, William, with their ship “AGAPI”, finds a shipwreck.

With Atlantis’s  Flying Flowers’ magic and the twin dolphins, Lili & Sisi, they go to the bottom of the ocean to explore it.

But to their surprise, instead of a shipwreck they find  a sunken island, ruled by an evil wizard, Zandor.

Zandor’s wicked plan is to escape the sunken city by capturing William’s body, with hopes of destroying Paradise Island.

Lili & Sisi, who witnessed everything, warn Atlantis about Zandor’s plot.

She immediately races to action.

But, is there enough time to save William and Paradise Island?

Born To Thrive!









Flying Flowers

Hey, look around and tell me what you see… spinning flowers over the sea… dip your self in serendipity… and enjoy the game of life.

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