Flying Flowers


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Flying Flowers!

Aim and land over other players flowers. You will be amazed by your new skills and wish the game will never end.


Born To Thrive!



The Best Edutainment Game!









“Hey, look around and tell me what you see… spinning flowers over the sea… dip your self in serendipity… and enjoy the game of life”, Born To Thrive.


  • Diceless 100% 100%
  • Strategy 33% 33%
  • Dexterity 86% 86%
  • Knowledge 33% 33%
  • Trading / Negotiation 20% 20%
  • Resource Management 33% 33%

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Fun for Family & Friends with Flying Flowers

FLYING FLOWERS is a target  and educational fun family board game that entertains & educates all players for hours.  By playing this game you will develop a combination of skills and qualities.  Skill and flexibility in your movements by one hand and knowledge by the other hand, are the essential ingredients for the success and achievement of your goals! Your ability to spin  your flower and land it over another player’s flower on the board offers you points.  Stay focused each time on your specific flower – target, keep continuously visual contact with your  target, concentrate all your attention and energy on it and just let your hand spin your flower and land on the flower-target. Your knowledge of the island’s nature and your correct answers to the question cards gives you extra points.